Final year of university and i’m currently working on my finals coursework that due in on 6th may and 19th may

Final year of university and i’m currently working on my finals coursework that due in on 6th may and 19th may  and it nice and heatwave in lovely England while i’m stuck inside doing work and all nighter yay fun time ….

and need to get them done before may so don’t have stress like mad women!

work in progress for digital concept for my character references for my FMP guy Fawkes graphic novel i’m currently working on digital concept character style.

  • By Jessica Josephine Mooney 

my Brush o and inks work for my abstract background work for my FMP progressing 

  • By Jessica Josephine Mooney

final project A conversation mine about why don’t people dress scary anymore for Halloween while is it sexualized women as object still .. these are my concept illustration design of my final work for poster design. A2 back to back poster for my work

  • By Jessica Josephine Mooney

No way!My mind is blown!It’s all coming together!!

hahahaha omg love this one …


No way!
My mind is blown!
It’s all coming together!!

hahahaha omg love this one …


The Little Mermaid Meets Ponyo Part II / Part I

that awesome crossing over 

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Emperor’s New College


English Majors:


Architecture Majors:


Music Majors:


Engineering Majors:


Mathematics Majors:


Theater Majors:


Latin American Studies Majors:


Linguistics Majors:


History Majors:


Religious Studies Majors:


Law Students:


Chemistry Majors:


Women & Gender Studies Majors:


Anthropology Majors:


Sociology Majors:


Philosophy Majors:


Geology Majors:


Economics Majors:


Classics Majors:


Government Majors:


this bloody brilliant who ever though of this is so awesome 

uni studies 

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Divergent movie even reading the book first!

got to say this Movie was MIND-BLOWING BRILLIANT I’m totally fangirling-girling here !!  feel like PROPER GEEK and proud!

Do wish maybe it could been 18 rated so could of sweared or  had few pages that had in book with some of violence with peter but owell i’m still happy with this adaptation into movie they did extremely well .. just hope next director for insurgent next movie  hope to do well they have now high ranked expectation for next movie from book. i hope they dont fall from the pressure and that next director doesn’t try change book actually uses as how to make movie guide-lines instead of changing the whole book.

the dream scene where EPIC!!

think trailer for the movie where shit cause trying get teen -romance audiences in book not really much romance there in 1st book more sexual frustration and connections of relationship bond nah teen romance style they going for in trailer that annoyed me had more than that .. so annoyed me they just trying to be in that audiences.

i think section i be would be maybe divergent cause dont really care but then maybe more CANDOR because i’m very honest person.. so think that where myself i be put. 

5 stars for this movie <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 


Not counting down, or anything.

<3 totally hope turn out good and now wait amends ..

this digital painting .. i though added bit sexy to my artwork lol here link to original photo- only thing got wrong again was the hands just cant seems to hands or finger need to work more on that 
Photoshop CS5 
By Jessica Josephine Mooney 

this digital painting .. i though added bit sexy to my artwork lol here link to original photo
the only thing got wrong again was the hands just cant seems to hands or finger need to work more on that 

Photoshop CS5 

  • By Jessica Josephine Mooney 


Okay so shit happened and I just wanna say something…

So remember how Kira was saying a Nogitsune doesn’t have morals or any understanding…Scott thought Nogi was doing this for fun but Kira said someone offended Nogi….I strongly believe…the hell I know Stiles fucken pissed of Nogi…First off think…



The Nogitsune - The One Who Laughs Last

I’m thousand years old you cant kill me!

Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins #1) by Suzanne Wright Book review

intro to the book -

Sam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army. She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Sventé vampire; a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breed and the hypnotically beautiful Keja breed to be too tame and human-like. Most refuse to take her seriously, especially a Pagori commander named Jared who she craves in spite of herself.

The Grand High Master, however, sees her potential and offers her the position of Jared’s co-commander to help train the newest squad in time for the impending attack on his home. Sam has to demonstrate to Jared and the squad of chauvinists why it is incredibly foolish to underestimate a willful, temperamental, borderline-homicidal Sventé female.

Sam parker

I loved this character, she was one best female leads ever she was strong but had weakness in her but never let it control her, just love her comeback and sarcasm of character.


this guys is biggest arrogant and sexist pig ever but throughout book end up not hating him finding alpha broody personality toward bantering with sam just LOL moments.. ends up being gawjus in end.


his character hes basically like king statues but hes very honorable and loving character but think mysterious at same time, 


hes antonia right hand man hes see the future .. but it kinda funny the way sam references guy from LTOTR.


this also antonia right hand man who find sam and ask her to join “the hollow”

Even Michaels 

this is twin brother of Jared michaels very loving and passionate character.


fletcher is one my fav character of all time is this books he’s loveable and good friend to sam they instantly connects as best friends.. also very funny character hes like sidekick of sarcasm and goofiness from best friend.

Norm/fletcher partner 

he’s very quiet character but put fetcher his partner together and sam it one hell of party of fun.

Max bloke 

i dont really like this character very much use for jealous part piss of jared character and hes open and cut character.


Joy is consort of jared and she know what she wants and she will do anything to keep him in her grasp but also she the bitch in this story.


now victor is a evil character very manipulating and he is also who created sam into vampire.. he one of the evil character realise how far he went to control and keep her as little toy.

(also didn’t do squat character taken me all day to do all character)

my thoughs on this book i give it 5 STARS IT WAS AMAZING!!

i was so blow away by this book was just epic 

this book made me laugh so much the comedy and bantering was antoshing..

this so reminds me of sam sarcasm all time and with and jared and just meg who character remind me of sam also.

the tension is electrifying 

the passion is this book wow….factor  

hot hot hot this book is!

totally recommend this book 

i also read 2nd book but so much going in it i didn’t enjoyed first round completed book but al have read it give you review and then buy 3rd book to tell you how its going.

Best quotes 

  • "I’ve done things in my time that would make the curly hairs in your pants go straight,female or not, I reckon i’ve got bigger balls than you have"
  • "Anyone who’s so narrow-minded needs,help being prejudiced just holds people back."
  • "I’ll just have to whip you silly so they see exactly who they should respect"
  • "Men! if he was a women he’d be considered a bit of a slut but apparently because he was a male it was completely normal and acceptable."
  • "Typical male-the slightest chance of getting sucked off and your mind went blank."
  • "And men said that women we’re confusing!"
  • "What? who? oh you mean that cross between a whippet and witch personally, i dont know how he can shag something that looks like it’s just escaped from azkaban."
  • "The randy bastard. You’d think three were enough. well dont keep in suspense, tell me what you said"
  • "let’s face the music and dance|"

Carnal Secrets (The Phoenix Pack #3) by Suzanne Wright Book review

4 Stars was expecting be amazing only downgrading it because there was bit of less intense like  other 2 books seems calm down in 3rd just got bit cliche had skim through some of the pages sadly but couldn’t wait when this book came out , i hope she does more.

Shaya Critchley

Half-shifter Shaya with lot of sassy character and a lot of empty feeling burdening her with her insecurity she is bit more different than the character we have meet through -Out the  books .. she did annoyed me tad bit felt like yelling stop being whiny bitch and acceptance that not leaving .. because some part had headbang wall cause just being over top reacting over tiny things .. acting like she badass broken girl but dont see this character that her dark secret broken burden is that bad… as jamie character in 2nd book was..dealing badly. she just needed overcome her insecurities and acceptance him all the way.

AND this what think Shaya wolf looks like 

Nick Axton

Nick I really like his character he was closed off and has lot interesting past that had deal with alot traumatic stuff at young age and he’s had grown up as adult and man more quicker to pretty much survive .. he needs to realise that has friend who care about him they are “friends not contacts” but other than that think pretty decent character has gone to great lengths to win shaya over and give up everything to be with her .. that what also annoyed that she didn’t see it took us so long throughout book for her let this guy in book glad they showed character couldn’t easily forgive him but please this lasted throughout whole book at least  stop through middle when character finally proven it, do like whole hidden illness that has stay strong.

Nick wolf form 


Derren was basically Nick best friend  and his bodyguard hope if do another book show his story.His wolf form 

Roini  Nick sister i also hope do story on her , she true to her wild side after dealing with traumatic experiences but show good loyalty sides 

Rohini wolf 


Kent i absolutely loved he was such amazing character when character were in danger was bit pissed that shaya didn’t call ask him come with her to phonexia pack because he could been target in danger to supposed be so called best friend who helped who out.. we completely forgot about him.. wish had more of him and find out his story more.

SHaya father 

wish we saw more of him sound like good father and teacher to shaya then instead silent type we got at the endish

shaya mother 

Do wish that shaya actually stood up to her mother instead just let her mother verbal abuse her.


wish that she show true colours more or at least challenged shaya just felt like she was evil bitch her like nick but only used her make shaya more insecure about herself and to have her shit fight in end .. was just bit meh..


sadistic evil character 

my reaction to reading the book 

felt like shaya needed get grip few times actually wake fuck up in book .

this what felt like nick was trying tell her but she kept being bit too whiny and not realise that give up whole life for this too work she still be insecure …

the push and pull of their  relationship sum this up…

there passion in end was hard and passionate 

there burdens of realise 

basically amber all together 

in end have phoneix pack actually basically say this